Mind Performance is a project where teachers, instructors and guides from different philosophical traditions come together.  Creating programs for those who would like to learn, experience and live the power of mind.

These programs take the participant from hedonic pleasure to the source of placer and wisdom in the body and mind.

Gaining insight over yourself by understanding how does the mind operates and the relationship between mind and the experience of reality will result in Increasing happiness for yourself and in relationship to others.


Mindful Training: By Obtaining Peace Of Mind And Resilience, The Mind Will Be Able To Stay In A Space Where Perturbations Are Diminished And The Space Between Thoughts And The Preceptor Has Stretch Therefore The Mind Is No Longer Dominated By The Thoughts.

Insight Training: The Mind Has The Capacity To Explore Itself And Begin To See How Does Your Own Reality Is Created And How To Intervene And Take A Positive Direction To Defeat Afflicted Emotions.

Contemplative Training: By Using Different Practices In Combinations With Skill Full Methods The Mind Will Start To Nourishing Itself In The Cognitive Aspect, To Heal The Relationship Between The Mind Itself, Others And Reality.


Foundational training · Mahayana training · Tantric Training · Nahuatl tradition

Osel Vega has a training for more than 20 years in contemplative science.

His contemplative training began when he was playing amateur and professional Golf tournaments his life was dedicate it to the Golf view and life style.

 Later his karma brought him back to his source, The Buddhist tradition, where he was able to formalize his training with years of training in the foundational base achieving the view that enabled him  to join the Great Vehicle and later entering in the Vajrayana-Tantric view through the NygmapaSchool. These training has taken him 15 years and he was able to be close to his teachers and spent the proper time in the different practices.

His training has been taken in different environments; city, beach, mountain and cave. In  the Himalayas he spent 6  years, 2 years in retreat and 4 studying, most of the time with his community in the Holy Caves of Tso Pema (Nepal-India-Tibet) following the instructions of his teachers – the mountain yogi view.



Casa Tibet México – Marco Antonio Karam

Santa Barba Institute – Alan Wallace

India: Lama WangdorRimpoche

  •   TsampaLama Rimpoche
  •   Lama JikgmeRimpoche

Nepal: LoponJikgmeRimpoche

  •   SagnakTenzin Rmpoche


Emotional Balance can be experience once the Attentional, Conative and Cognitive aspects of the mind are in tune.



  • Mindfulness
  • Body awareness mind awareness
    – Thought orientation
  • Inner strength
  • Outer strength
    – Philosophical explanation


  • Philosophical map
  • Mindfulness of phenomena
    – Discerning flexibility of phenomena
  • Mindfulness of opportunities
    – Space of the mind
    – Gaining energy from past memories
    – Changing past episodes


  • Becoming lucid during the dream time
  • Recognizing the dream scape during awaking time
  • Malleability of dreams
  • Nightmare relieved


  • Philosophical understanding
    – Discussion
  • Discerning wisdom
    -Meditative absorption
  • Reality challenge
    – Analytical meditation
    – Discursive meditation
  • Daily drills and exercises

Introduction to the 4 applications of Mindfulness

This contemplative training is based on the Mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind, and phenomena this training is meant to experience emotions and life from a dimension where is possible to understand our capacity to cope with reality from the perspective of our potential, therefore gaining resilience with respect to our emotions is achievable.


co-creating programs with instructors

Conference and meditation

In order to get to a broader audience the conference is giving as a talk on a selected topic, this will serve as a preparation for a cycle of meditative practices for a fixed number of session. In this way certain audience only attend the Conference and other attend the complete program.


Most of the trainings can be giving as a workshop, where people have intense interaction with the training and can last 2 or 3 days.

These are the ones that currently exist but with more instructors more workshops can be create.

Eco-Mindfulness,     PrehispanicMusic Awareness, 

Tibetan Healing view – chronic pain.

The training can take place as a private coaching or in groups, as a weekend retreat or a weekly program, mainly at Garuda Space (garudaspace.com)
Switzerland, Portugal, México or in a suitable placer where the body and mind can be in comfort.